piano lessons
I am forty. I just started piano. What the fuck?

St. Jude
hot angry bruises


Darn right

I’m away from the piano at the moment, and I am missing it big time.

Piano is Joy

I’m working on my first song with a movement. This one goes from C Major to G Major. I feel more and more like a real piano player every week. Damn do I love the keys.


time to get my ass back to the bench and practice.

There is a chance that I may be skipping grade 2 and heading up to grade three in my piano journey. I’m pretty excited about that, actually.

I am working on The Greatest Show on Earth right now. Loving it, but not as much as My Robot and Magic Man (those two must be my faves; it is not coincedence that they are so closely linked in notes. )

back at it

it’s amazing how quickly everything comes back after a summer long break. i love piano so much. why didn’t i do this when i was a kid? i am looking at you dumb parents.

eighth notes

i just started eighth notes tonight.

eighth notes. i believe in them.

my belief in the morning is no stronger.

i believe in cucumbers too.

and now eighth notes.

they and there beauty

grab me by the balls and say


they are half a quarter note.

and they look like music.

Good King Wenceslas, or When am I a piano player?
Me:(taking my hands off the keys): So when do you think I can call myself an actual piano player?
Sara-Jane (my teacher):(amused) Right now.
Me:No, I mean really. When am I a piano player? How long?
Sara-Jane:I'm serious. Right now. You are a piano player.
Me:I don't know. It's not like I can play any real songs.
Sara-Jane:You just played Good King Wenceslas.
Me:I know, but --
Sara-Jane:--That's a real song.
Me:Yeah, I suppose, but it's not like --
Sara-Jane:-- And you read music.
Me:(grudgingly) Yeah.
Sara-Jane:Go out on the street right now and see how many people can do that. You're a piano player.
Me:Okay. You win.
Sara-Jane:I, on the other hand ...
Sara-Jane:I don't know about me. I'm not as good as I used to be. I need to play more.
Me:Hah! See ...

I am breaking from the tradition of this site, but this is too good to ignore. 


I don’t make a habit of posting on Tumblr about tragedy. It feels shallow; and I know you all don’t care about my position on news in the “real world”. But I did want to take a moment to encourage you to read this article written about the Columbine School shootings in 1999 by Marilyn Manson. I have been thinking a lot today about the shooting in Colorado, about the way the media has handled it — from plastering online news media with images of the shooter’s face to blaming comic books and video games for violence (though I have been relieved to see that more of the blame is being cast at gun-control laws). 

This article was written before I could open my laptop and be inundated with images of tragedy, with clips of crying parents, with links to “graphic” videos taken with cell phones inside the theater. It is an essay fearing exactly that. A future that has become our present. Regardless what you think of Marilyn Manson (I, for one, don’t really care about him at all), it is worth reading and thinking about. It is relevant to you, Tumblr users and citizens of internet social media. Trust me.

my robot redux

i played again last night. it’s been about a month arleady. fuck i love the piano. i played “my robot,” my favourite song, and i was in a place approximating heaven (as close as one can get for an atheist anyway). piano is sooooooo good.

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